Sunday, November 8, 2009

Longleaf Trace Birthday Challenge

Went to Prentiss for the Birthday Challenge Saturday. The challenge was to ride your age in kilometers. I wanted to at least double mine, so I rode the whole Trace - 41 miles. We took it pretty easy for the first 30 miles and stopped a lot to socialize. A lot of the folks I was riding with turned back. I decided to push on to Hattiesburg. It was pretty much all downhill into Hburg, which meant it was all uphill on the way back. I wanted to make the 3pm drawing for the free bike, so I pushed pretty hard on the way back. I was suffering for the last 25 miles.
Total mileage 82. Time on the bike was 5:12, total time 6:04. I did make it back for the drawing, but didn't win. The birthday cake was good!

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